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Our Mission


Rast Produce is committed to providing our customers with exceptional quality produce and personal service at the best value possible. We are committed to developing and maintaining long term partnerships and upholding our reputation of honesty, integrity, and sound business practices with all customers, growers, and shippers.


Our History


John Rast started Rast Produce Company in 1997. The principles he founded this business on remain the same today as they were then; Hard work, trust, and building long lasting relationships with good people.


We pride ourselves on providing the best produce from California, as well as imported fresh produce from across the world. We are located in the heart of central California. From our location, we can view the beautiful Sierra Nevada mountains. More importantly, we view field after field of fresh produce. We are committed to assuring we get the right product each time.


Many things have changed since 1997, and our industry will continue to change. One thing that will not change is our commitment to quality and service. These principles have guided us since the beginning, and will continue to lead us into our future.


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